Unique methodology for developing creative solutions to life challenges

Unique methodology for developing creative solutions to life challenges

Neurographica - lessonAmarna Neuroart is offering the absolute unique methodology for developing creative solutions to life challenges. It is based on the combination of multiple super effective modulaties. Main ones are listed below:

*Neurographica (Switzerland, Israel, Russia – author is Pavel Piskarev, Phd) – a special method for combining psychology and alternative practices with the artistic modalities.

*Wim Wenger’s methodology for unlocking one’s potential for the best self-expression.

Neurographica is the art of positive change based on neuroresearch, bionics, Gestalt therapy, NLP, analytical coaching, etc.. Through this unique art method the dormant neuroconnections get activated and energy starts flowing through them changing the way we think and act. It allows to process negative emotions, anger, fear, and insecurity transforming them into self love, self worth, improving the relationships, setting intentions and much much more. It also allows us to model our future, our vision and goals.

Neurographica is the process work! The result of the drawing is surfacing during the process of drawing and depends on how the process flow goes. This presents a mystery to a mind that reflects itself on the paper and views itself with the wonder.

No artistic or drawing skills are required to start the practice. The attention gets set on the point of a marker or pencil and then the flow takes us to the end result.

Dear friends, if you would like to host a group class in your place or your friends place please send me an email with your proposal at amarnaneuroart@gmail.com

My classes are usually run for 3 hours and the cost is $50 per person. The price includes my supervision of your class work and your homework. I add all my students to my private group on FB where I am sharing my feedback and provide you with the guidance. I supply all the materials and we deep dive into the drawing at a very first class.

My individual Skype sessions program is coming up, will keep you posted!

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