Natalia Krasnova


Neurographica and neuroart are amazing tools for Transformation and healing. Thanks to Margarita I learned about it and now use it often with great success. She is an amazing coach and her guidance is streamlined, easy to understand and follow. It takes a real leader to inspire many with her example and Margarita is doing just that. Passionate and dedicated, patient and loving, she opens doors to many into the wonderful and magical world of Neurographica.

Natalia Krasnova

I have to say it was a pretty interesting, if not magical, experience. Disbelief first, and, after a little while, a mix of excitement, enjoyment, and fulfilment getting close to the “finishing lines”.

Vitaly Smirnoff

Margarita is a woman of passion, a whirlwind that took me with her to the joys and struggles of neurographica drawing, meeting myself, overcoming inner resistances and limitations and coming out a new person with energy and insight for my life (and a number of drawings for my wall). I highly recommend her workshops if you are curious about developing yourself and uncovering.

Alexander V.

Margarita brings into teaching her wisdom, intuition, and her magic. She sees beyond the lines of the method and shares her knowledge with unconditional love and lightness. She is truly a visionary master.

Julie Aloka

Neurographica has opened up for me a field of endless joy, possibilities, and learning. Margarita introduced it to me over six months ago, and i realized what an amazing art method it is. I have been using it for various reasons- to create a great mood, look at an issue or a conflict from a positive perspective and see how situation changes in a beneficial way. I love to draw alone, I love to do it with a friend or in a group. I have taken classes from several teachers, but Margarita has taught me the most and in the best possible way. Her method of teaching is fun, interesting, and very inspiring. She explains complex psychological topics in an easy to grasp, stimulating and exciting ways. Margarita is the best teacher incorporating her vast knowledge, love of people, amazing personality and easy going nature.

Larisa Litvinova

Under Margarita’s supervision I worked on a conflict situations in my personal life. She advised me to make a case study work when she noticed that I’m stuck in that situation for some time. I think I did at least 7 drawings and I was able to change my attitude towards the issue, while the work gave me so much energy and positive emotions. Just in a few weeks that conflict situation in real life resolved itself, I didn’t take any actions or talked to person I was in conflict. It was like a miracle but that miracle happened inside of me first and only then reflected on my life. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

The knowledge and art skills I received in Margarita’s classes helped me to work on my financial problems and after making a case on this subject, I finally was able to get an additional source of income. The funny thing was I was looking for additional source of income for at least 2 years and this particular one was available to me for a long time but I just didn’t see it. There were a lot of other positive changes in my life during last few months I was studying Neurographica with Margarita, but these two are the major ones which were really important to me.

Just to sum it up: I came to Neurographica for the art but I stayed there for the all positive improvements that it brought to my life. This method is the infinite source of energy. Now I’m almost always in a good mood and my communication skills has improved significantly. The stressful situations are not so scary anymore because now, thanks to Margarita, I know how to deal with them with the help of art and even if I stuck with any of them, I know that I always can reach out to Margarita for support and guideline.

Yulia Travkina

I feel that since I started taking Margarita’s classes, I gained confidence in my ability to shape my life experiences, feel more joy, increased my self-awareness and greatly deepened my believe that I can create my own miracles through drawing by using this amazing method. I can’t thank Margarita enough and consider her one of my spiritual teachers and not just an art class instructor. I recommend her amazing classes to anyone, who is attracted to the idea of art as healing and art as modeling and creation.

Vlada Briks

Neuroart is a magnificent offering. It places you in a state of mind that makes your roadblocks change their lines and colors, until they are no longer a part of your path. Margarita’s peaceful guidance and kind presence amplifies the practice of neuroart by transforming it into a powerful healing modality, bringing out participants’ innate creative powers in the process.

Olga Sher

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