What is more important in learning neurographica?

What is more important in learning neurographica?

what is more important in learning neurographica Someone had asked me a good question over the past weekend: what is more important in learning neurographica – personal transformation or artistic expression. In my opinion the personal transformation, especially in the early stages of learning, is more important as it leads at the end to the achievement of the personal goals, spiritual growth and overall state of happiness and joy! Yet, the artistic aspect is very important as well as we all need to like what we draw, enjoy the process of drawing and coloring, explore neuroart and get on the next level of self expression.

Interestingly, the more we practice neurographica’s algorithms the more we grow in the both venues of self empowerment. We become better as human beings, our hearts open up and let the glow of the universal love to work thru us. Then our goals and long term projects stop looking like fantasies and dreams, they become a reality, achievable and tangible.

The artistic aspect is the side effect of this amazing and powerful practice, a gift or reward for all the hard work we do by climbing the Jacob’s ladder of the learning process.

So I encourage my students to abstain from the strong desire to become the best selling artists in the early stages of learning. I advice them to take time, to breath and meditate thru the practice, do not compete with the others and walk the path of aquiring knowledge before rushing with the expectations. All will come naturally.

When I had my calling to draw my Green Tara I have been thru the intensive every day practice of drawing neurographica for 5 months! I just had that necessity ti draw Tara, the drive that I could no longer resist. So I did it and I won my prize in the competition with the other neuroartists. And then after that I am drawing in the neuroart style constantly and I dont really care for rewards and applause any more as for me it is my spiritual practice coming from my heart.
So, my advice to all new students would be to slow down and take your time. Get a taste of the algorithms, practice a lot, and that will bring all the fruits both transformative and artistic as you walk your path.

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