Halloween holiday’s costume

Halloween holiday’s costume

Halloween is coming and I have decided to get dressed into the holiday’s costume!
So much fun!! I even wrote the story:

Once upon a time, there was a Forrest fairy in the depths of the forest and it was great for her to play with little animals and her sisters, sing along with the birds, swim in a cool lake and care for flowers and trees. But over the years, it all became boring for her and she wondered how people live outside the forest! She took courage and finally went to a neighboring village to meet people. But when people saw her, they were frightened and began to frighten her with a rake and drive her with rods. The fairy got very upset and ran away

She was caught up with the son of the elder of the village manager. He was struck by the unearthly beauty of the girl and decided immediately that he would offer her his hand and heart. Fortunately, he had with him a jar of honey just bought from a local witch. The fairy would have escaped from him and ran away, but the young man brought honey to her feet, tried it himself from the jar and offered the beauty to try.

The fairy dunked her finger in honey and licked it! She had never tasted anything better in her life than that honey!! The fairy made friends with the son of the elder and learnt the joys of love.

Soon, in the forest where the fairy lived, there was a fire and all the spirits scattered to everywhere in search for a new home. But tthe young woman stayed with her bridegroom in the village. Over time she learned how to make honey from the old witch. And since then, if someone in the village would fell in love, everyone would whisper: “Most likely, they tasted the honey of the Fairy!

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