AmarnaAmarna Sanctuary is a place where women around the globe get together for education, support and empowerment. At Amarna, we believe that each one of us possesses the innate power and birthright to develop our inner potential and abilities to their highest efficiency. Our goal is to help ourselves develop these potentials and abilities through a diverse array of practices embracing all cultures, traditions, beliefs and heritage.

In the modern money-driven society, we often play men’s roles. We get lost in the game of competition for the higher social status, forgetting about our roots and losing the connection to our loved ones and to ourselves. We stifle our inner voice with too much house and career work, covering our desires and callings with wide-brimmed hats of providers and caregivers. We sacrifice our well-being, health and relationships in the process, oftentimes in our most productive years.

By tapping into the ancient wisdom of sacred knowledge and practices, our goal is to develop our human potential in such a way as to find the path of inner balance and happiness for each one of us, taking into consideration our individual abilities and superpowers. We are here to provide a space and soil for the seeds of possibility to nurture and grow into wonderful trees of Abundance, that give fruit to inspiration, courage, creativity and love.

Our vision is to grow our sanctuary across the country and around the world, joining forces with like-minded practitioners that can contribute to creating the space for others to grow and transform. Through female community circles, classes and retreats led by professionally accredited facilitators, we aim to create a nurturing and trustworthy environment for women to evolve, flourish, open up and get in touch with their senses.

Each of our programs has a unique design, influenced by following elements:

· Active participation in local communities, providing support to women with emotional traumas.
· Ethics and philosophy derived from the female circle practices, such as Red Tents
· Collaborative immersion experiences such as Retreats and workshops led by teachers from a wide range of schools of various modalities, applying ancient practices from all over the world to help achieve self-growth

Our ultimate goal is to develop a retreat center for women, where we can feel safe, relaxed, secured and welcomed.

Amarna Sanctuary will use the holistic approach towards the retreat center providing services on all levels: physical ( yoga, Qi Gong, Zumba, etc..), mental (library, speakers, workshops), spiritual (meditation, healing with sound, etc..)

Amarna Sanctuary is actively engaged in charitable community work for the benefit of developing and nurturing positive human collaboration , and in offering community classes, sharing circles and discussion panels.

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